“Spotlight Strain of the Day: Grow West‘s “Durban Poison x Cinderella 99” (some might know it as Wicked Stepsister) THC 22.5% – What I love most about this strain is the taste and the smell, it really taste like Sour Patch Kids! But besides that, it’s the only strain so far that truly energizes me but also relaxes my mind at the same time without fatigue. Usually it’s one or the other, I’m too energized that I’m paranoid I’m going to have a heart attack, or I am too relaxed that I don’t really want to do much. I tend to recommend this strain for my patients who come in looking for “a sativa that won’t get them paranoid” and so far so good. I’ve seen this flower grow in popularity and I hope to see more of it soon. It is definitely not a flower to sleep on. Give this a try, I promise you’ll like it, and if not for the taste and smell, then at least for the effects!
Effects: Uplifting, energizing, euphoric
Taste/Smell: Sweet citrus (comparable to Sour Patch Kids)
Recommended for those who suffer from depression, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. May help those with ADD/ADHD and chronic nausea as well.”