Elevated Flower

Premium | Hand-Trimmed

Our Premium Flower is expertly hand-trimmed to respect the integrity of the bud and packaged in recyclable, reusable tins to preserve potency.


t****5 (I Heart Jane)
Love the smell and taste 🔥🔥🔥
w****0 (I Heart Jane)
Aroma is really sweet like Strawberry-Kiwi/Purple/sweet Indica floral-ness. 16 wonderfully shaped buds in the tin pack, ranging in size from a marble to a small seedless-grape. Light-green & purple coloration, red-orange pistils & a dusting of snowy trichomes that make these buds magazine worthy. Structure of a Sativa with the density of an Indica - wonderful dry & cure. Used 6 buds to up a spliff using classic Bambu paper & dried/crumbled tobacco leaf - was over 1gram of flower used. Lit the J up at 8:30pm - super sweet, mouth watering. The flavor is grape/purple/dark berries/floral. Gentle take off - The Indica influence melts the body while a Sativa presence raises your vibration. Calming & relieving, like I can finally take a breath of relief from accomplishment while, also being motivational & inspiring. Partook with the Mrs & she low key didn’t want to pass the J back lol - I know because, I didn’t want to either lol. It’s REALLY good & exceptional cannabis - above average in all departments: appearance, aroma, flavor, & buzz. Cozy, Indica-dominant effects but, the Sativa influence allows you to get tasks done(calmly) while in the zone(if need be). Recommended.
d****d (I Heart Jane)
Grow seldom disappoints. This trimmed flower is fire, nice uplifting get something done head buzz.
e****a (I Heart Jane)
I decided to give this one a try after some reviews and this was the BEST in a long time, made me active and relaxed at the same time. Made you feel better n the mood right on and the best of everything; Doesn't make you hungry. Was great and I will definitely keep buying this one.