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Wildflower | Outdoor Untrimmed

Wildflower is cultivated outdoors in our native Maryland soil, receiving ample sunlight, fresh air, and nourishment from rainwater. Plant extracts, natural oils, and minerals are used to aid growth, but ultimately, the plant relies on Mother Nature to thrive. Wildflower buds are smaller in size, but boast a fragrant, flavorful terpene profile thanks to their constantly changing environment and natural growth process.


w****0 (I Heart Jane)
As soon as I seen the name I instantly wanted this. The Cherry-pheno of AK-47 is one of my favorite strains. 29.63% THCa, 31.97% total cannabinoids & 3.102% on the terps. It’s the day after Christmas & I was supposed to have the day off - I’m not the happiest camper but, have 2hours left smh. It came in a bag & I could smell it the second I ripped the airtight seal(bag was closed). A beautiful, heaven-sent aroma of Ripe Cherries/Caramel/Kief. Primarily, it’s 1 huge spear-shaped bud that’s about as long as my thumb & twice as wide, accompanied by 5 marble-sized buds & some crumbs. Forest-green coloration, rustic-orange pistils & a generous layer of trichomes. I remember back when everyone smoked blunts - I got laughed at for rolling up those “little ole papers” all those years ago LOL.. Used the crumbs & 4 of the marbles to roll up a spliff using classic Bambu paper & dried/crumbled tobacco leaf - was slightly over 1gram of flower used for this. Lit the J up at 4:22pm. Amazing dry & cure - goes down smooth but, expands into more-than satisfying puffs. Forgot.. Buds were entering the crispy stage but, they were still sticky in the centers with respectable moisture content. The flavor is Retro(Pine?)/Cherry/earthy with a Kief finish - very flavorful & yummy. Effects were pretty sudden & definitely will start to be felt within 5min. The potency can be detected from the smoke, which is thick. Effects gradually get stronger as time passes. Euphoria, notice of heartbeat, increased energy/motivation levels, sharpened senses, increased heart rate. Thoughts are constantly passing by but, it’s surprisingly calm , like watching a stream flow with a wintry setting in the background - tranquil yet, every sound is heard. Does “Wild Flower”, mean sun-grown? If it is then I’m happy because, the buzz is lively. The best way to describe indoor vs outdoor flower is like indoor: is a studio album, everything controlled while, outdoor: is the live performance of the album. Of coarse, many factors go into “good bud” but, long story short - this is above average in terms of potency. Sativa-dominant but, tranquil. Ashed the J at 4:40pm. I’m buying some more of this tomorrow - recommended.