Aero Bond is an evenly balanced hybrid with a lineage of Gorilla Glue (GG #4) and G6 Jet Fuel. Aero Bond packs an earthy, pine aroma with notes of diesel. Users report a relaxing and euphoric experience, making this strain an option for afternoon and evening use.

Afterglow Octane is a hybrid strain with High Octane x Jet Fuel lineage. Afterglow Octane has an intense aroma of diesel that will take you to new heights as you soar into an energized state. Kick the tires and light the fires any time of day with this strain.

Alien Sour Apple is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with Aliendawg x Sour Apple lineage. Enjoy the perfect combination of sweet and sour apples with a subtle earthy aroma anytime throughout the day.

Berry Diesel is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain with Chem 4 and Strawberry Diesel lineage. A burst of berries, fruit, and an undertone of diesel aroma will delight your senses. Berry Diesel is a great strain for any time of day. 

Blue Magoo is a well-balanced hybrid with a lineage of DJ Short Blueberry and Major League Bud. Blue Magoo has a musky, floral, berry, and piney aroma. By choosing Blue Magoo, you’re not simply picking a cannabis strain – you’re embarking on a captivating journey. Let yourself be transported by its mystical charm and uncover the secrets of its blueberry delight at any time of day!

Bluniverse is a well-balanced hybrid with a sharp piney aroma. It is known to be a cross of Blue Magoo and Ms. Universe.

Bubblegum Cake is a hybrid strain with Jaffa Cake x The Black x Green Crack x Bubblegum lineage. The aroma contains hints of sweet bubblegum and floral fragrances. It’s time to savor the moment and treat yo’ self to Bubblegum Cake any time of day!

Cambodian Thai x BOEL Skunk is a sativa-leaning hybrid that combines Cambodian and Thai landrace sativa strains with BOEL Skunk. The BOEL Skunk strain was protected from government seizure thanks to the Brotherhood of Eternal Love (BOEL). Find your sunshine any time of the day with this strain.

Chem 4 OG x The White is a sativa strain with Chemdawg 4 x SFV OG lineage. Chem 4 OG x The White has a refreshing earthy, citrus aroma. There is a popular rumor about a breeder who was a big fan of the band Grateful Dead and supposedly obtained a bag of seeds at one of their concerts. However, it is important to note that the truth of this story is uncertain. Regardless, the hybrid strain of Chem 4 OG and The White is suitable for use at any time of day!

Chem 91 x Aliendawg Cherry is an indica-leaning hybrid with Chemdawg x Alien Technology lineage. Aromatic delights await as you dive into the fragrance of Chem 91 x Aliendawg. The aroma is an irresistible fusion of earthy, fuel-like undertones from Chem 91 and the sweet, piney essence of Aliendawg.