“Hey, just wanted to say I tried a grow west product for the first time last week, and it’s the best quality flower product I’ve got from any dispensary in the area. Could not believe the dense, colorful, frosty nugs in my jar. And they seemed to be stored at the proper humidity. Keep up the great work. Pie Crust is amazing!”

“I enjoy the tiny bear on the pre roll filter. I got some at Herbiculture in Burtonsville along with some eighths and really enjoyed the flower. Last time I was at remedy in Columbia, I couldn’t remember the name of your company, but I explained to the budtender that the logo was a bear and she immediately said, “Grow West!”. I have posted 2 of the pre-roll photos on Reddit. Keep up the good, strong, work! Your fan, Aisha”

“I just wanted to stop by and give you guys/gals a huge shout out. I have tried many different companies and a plethora of their strains. Some may work pretty good, but their cannabis is very dry and harsh or the opposite where yes it smoked well but it either didn’t work well for me or was possibly miss labeled. The entire experience is first class. From the logo to the first time you pop the seal on a pre-roll container. The amazing fresh aroma all the way to finally ashing it out. You have given me the best medical experience yet, thank you!”

“When your day is going to shit, Nurse Jackie is to the rescue! Grow West did a great job bringing the pain relief with this sativa testing high in myrcene but still allowing for a productive day. This strain has really been a life saver recently when my pain has been flaring up in the middle of the day at work.”

“I have had the pleasure to try a few of your products. I can safely say the Tahoe OG x Triangle Kush I had from you all is one of my favorite strains I have tried! Definitely top 3 for me!! It was so full of flavor and the pain relief was amazing!”

“[Durban x Cindy 99] is the only thing that keeps my ADD down without anxiety. Boosts my mood on depressed days, helps me be social with others, and not be tired! Great for pain relief also and helps with motion sickness. Can’t say enough about this strain!”

“Cough OG from Grow West is a nice Indica. Perfect for eliminating my aches and pains this winter.”

“Another amazing strain by Grow West. This Pie Crust is an awesome pain reliever. This strain is a great balance. It gives all sorts of relief without knocking you right out. The pair of Cough OG and Pie Crust are a beautiful duo by Grow West.”

“Really enjoying the few strains I’ve tried from Grow West, this one has been treating me well. I’ve been super achy lately and this is helping so much.”

“Happy to come across Lambsbread for the first time in Maryland. From the fields of Jamaica these genetics were also enjoyed by the man himself, Mr. Marley. One of the best landrace sativa strains I’ve found. One hit of this gas and you’ll lively up yourself, won’t worry ’bout a thing, and want to dance to Jah music. Very energetic head high that relieves anxiety. Grown by Grow West.”