“I adore this strain for relaxing! It smells and tastes incredible. Definitely one of my favorite strains out there currently in Md.”

“One of the best head-not-body highs I’ve had. I got it in a PRJ, and my eyes are wide and there is a smile on my face despite my general malaise (#thanks2020). I feel productive and optimistic, which is a welcome vibe for sure.”

“One of my favorite Grow West strains! I hope to see it again someday!”

“One of my favorite strains. I’m a cancer survivor with long term health issues from going through cancer treatments, and this helps a ton with my pain, appetite, and sleep issues depending on how much I smoke. Really do recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for something with a nice taste that gives you a calm head high. Can make you more productive, or more relaxed depending on how much you use.”

“If you’re looking for a strain that will relax you, [Southwest Stomper x William’s Wonder] is it! It helps with insomnia as well.”

“[Fruity Pebbles OG x Sour Dub is] absolutely delicious stuff, not too heavy on the THC. Great for daytime activities.”

“This strain has always been a good one for my insomnia. It also helps a lot with my anxiety, this is definitely one of my favorite strains.”

“I love Nurse Jackie! This strain has been a lifesaver for me. I do suffer from extreme anxiety and PTSD and somehow this sativa helps me chill out. Its uplifting and motivating but calms my brain from negative thoughts.”

“I was suggested to try [Bluniverse] a few weeks ago and man am I sure glad I did. It gave me a nice cerebral high that wasn’t too intense but also not weak either. I absolutely love this strain!”

“I always get excited to see [Grape Pearls], it never disappoints. I highly recommend.”