Welcome to Grow West Dispensary and the world of cannabis!



At times, we may have a clear direction, but sometimes we may just embark on a new journey! Grow West is here to assist you in navigating the world of cannabis and visiting a dispensary. 


Age and Identification Verification:

Please have a government-issued ID with you. We need to know that you’re of legal age to purchase cannabis. Adult-use patients must be 21+, and medical patients must have a certified doctor’s approval and must be 18+. 

Product Selection: 

We offer many products including; flower, pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, and tinctures. Edibles over 100mg and concentrates are only for certified medical patients. Cannabis concentrates include kief, hash, bubble hash, oil, wax, shatter, resin, infused pre-roll, and any other product that uses solvents, carbon dioxide, heat, screens, pressed, or steam distillation, excluding vape cartridges. 

If you want information on becoming a Maryland Medical Cannabis patient, our staff can offer guidance, or you can visit the Maryland Cannabis Administration Site.

Consumption Limits: 

Adult-use and medical patients have different purchase limits. An adult-use individual may purchase up to:

  • 1.5 oz. of usable cannabis.
  •  12 grams of cannabis vaporizing fluid (measured by the volume of liquid in the vape/vape cartridge); or
  • Other products containing 750 milligrams of THC, including:
    • Edibles, liquid edibles, tinctures, tablets, or capsules with less than 10 mg THC per package or 100 mg THC per serving.
  • If an individual purchases the MAXIMUM amount in any category, they may not purchase anything else.

A medical patient may purchase in a rolling 30-day period. 

  • 120 grams of dried flower 
  • 36 grams of THC product 

Ordering and Payment:

If you wish to modify your order, please see us inside or call us at; 833-940-9000. Our drive-thru is for online pre-orders only. No modifications to order are allowed in the drive-thru. If this is your first time visiting a dispensary, there will be resignation paperwork to fill out. 

There are designated lines for medical patients and adult-use individuals to place an order with a budtender. Pre-orders can be placed online at growwestmd.com/dispensary. 

We accept cash and debit transactions. We cannot accept online payments or credit cards. Adult-use individuals will be subject to a 9% sales tax. 

Information and Guidance: 

If you’re new to cannabis or unsure about what products to choose, our staff is here to help! We can help you understand different strains, effects, and consumption methods. 

Remember, our staff is here to assist you and help you have a positive experience. Ask us questions and seek guidance during your visit. Life’s a journey; we’re here to help you enjoy the ride! Our team looks forward to fostering a wonderful and blossoming relationship with you.

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